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Diane Tate

Published Author, Artist, and Podcast Host!

Welcome to my official website! My mission in life is to make lasting change in the world, especially with regard to freedom and liberation for all people. I am thrilled to offer my memoir available for order today.

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I have been on a steep learning curve since 2015 unpacking my whiteness, learning more about the intentional oppression in the US and worldwide, and then being involved in lasting change within the systems I can affect. I come from a deep place of privilege which always informs how I move, and I work hard to continuously re-examine the lens I am seeing the world through; listening and learning from folks in marginalized communities to ensure I do the least amount of harm possible.

I am proud to be a co-lead for the Connecticut hub and Operations volunteer for national Here4TheKids, an abolition, liberation, and solidarity movement to lessen violence on kids by dismantling systems that stem from white supremacy around the world, and to serve on the boards of Palmetto Hope Network and R.E.A.P.- Rural Education Advocacy Project

I have an art studio at Nest Arts Factory in Bridgeport, CT, where I create oil on canvas paintings as well as watercolor 4X6 greeting cards. I am a published author with the release of my memoir Under the Radar: When Truth Hides in Plain Sight which includes poetry and prose to tell my journey through domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction, and recovery.


I am proud to announce the launch of my new podcast titled Why Do I Give a F&$K! co-hosted with friend and colleague JoHanna "J" Thompson.



Scroll down to find ways to learn more about my passions, purchase art or products with my art on them, order a copy of my book, and get connected to the Why Do I Give A F&$K? podcast!

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Why Do I Give a F&$k? Podcast
co-hosted with
J Thompson

Under the Radar: When Truth Hides in Plain Sight

Growing up on the family tree of an American dynasty did not protect Diane Tate from the darker legacies of sexual abuse, addiction, and domestic violence. This story is one of survival in the face of peril, redemption despite self-hatred, and the impact that abusive legacy has on establishing the trajectory of a child's life.


Whether she was walking the streets of her small hometown in North Carolina or being presented to American and international society in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York City, her truth was hiding from everyone, including herself. Not only does she trudge through the darkness of alcoholism and an abusive marriage; she takes the reader on a journey of healing, making the choice to stand up for herself when it mattered the most. 


Within these pages you will find inspiration in the poetry of Diane's life. You will wince and cheer, laugh and cry, and walk away with the hope that even a life lived in the shadows of your own mind can be brought into the light.

Published by Fulton Books

Under the Radar

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Reviews of Under the Radar

Thank you to all who have read Under the Radar and have shared their feelings about the experience.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  A compelling story, beautifully told.

Under the Radar is a compelling story, beautifully written. Although the details of her story are specific to her life, it is also, sadly, all too universal. I love the combination of poetry and prose. Each chapter’s poem serves as a reflection on how she she holds, in the present, what she is recounting of her past.

I am thankful that Dee shared her story. I know that everyone will find something they can recognize, and be lifted and inspired by.

Liz G.

Deezynes by Diane Tate, LLC

Go to my shop on Etsy to purchase original art pieces while supplies last!

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Unity in Diversity
Mother Gaia
Serenity Trip
Dogwood Life panel 1
Dogwood Life panel 2
Life in the Desert
Mother and Her Friends
Color Me Lucky
Moonlight Navigation
Sunset on the Water
Midsummer Night's Dreamscape
Colorwashed Forest
Range of Motion
Hug Your Children
Inner Beauty
Love is All Around

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Notebook and Pen

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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