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Hope and Determination

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Yesterday was a day of transmutation in many ways. We watched and listened to hope in language, joy in movement, and love in song. It was a balm for many of us as we took our first deep breath in 4 years, and it was only the beginning.

Each time I felt excitement and joy yesterday, I checked myself because I know this was only the reset of the ground of which we must march toward justice. Whiteness loves to make a small geographical change and then slap our hands together as if to say the job is done. IT IS FAR FROM DONE. Yesterday was simply the level-set that will allow for the possibility of change, but it was not the REAL change itself. I am not denying that we now have opportunities for possibilities we didn't have 48 hours ago, but those are only opportunities until we manifest the real change; and that is going to take dedication, effort, and often white discomfort.

I am putting this out into the universe that whiteness needs to continue to look in the mirror, check ourselves when we start to smooth over the rough edges to make ourselves feel better, and continue to engage in dialogues and actions that realize real change for those who do not benefit from our privilege. Yesterday we righted the overturned lamp, now it's time to turn it on to spread light into the world. Join me.

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